Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Men Accused Of Brooklyn Bias Attack Charged With Murder, Manslaughter

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Two of the men suspected in the deadly beating of a gay man in Brooklyn will be facing stiffer charges.

The Brooklyn District Attorney says 19-year-old John Fox and 20-year-old Ilya Shurov are now being charged with murder and manslaughter, on top of the original assault and robbery charges, all as hate crimes.

A third suspect, 16-year-old Gary Timmins could be indicted on similar charges today.
Michael Sandy's family removed him from life support on Friday.

Investigators believe Sandy was lured over the internet to an isolated parking lot near Sheepshead Bay with the promise of a sexual encounter.

He was attacked when he arrived and chased onto the Belt Parkway, where he was struck and killed by a car that left the scene. Meanwhile, community leaders and concerned residents express sorrow at the death of Michael Sandy and for all victims of hate crimes.

Activists gathered on the steps of City Hall Monday to call for a greater focus on preventing bias attacks.

"Our community mourns the brutal killing of another black, gay, New Yorker," said Tokes Osubu, Executive Director of Gay Men Of African Descent. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Sandy's family and friends."

"Today we come out to say stop the violence throughout the state and throughout the city," added Brooklyn city councilwoman Letitia James.

Attendees also thanked the NYPD for the swift arrest of suspects linked to Sandy's death.


Blogger David E. Patton said...

I just found out about the death of this young man from enother blog. Thank you for bring this to ligth

5:47 PM  
Blogger WiseYoungMan said...

I hope this unfortunate and tragic event opens both straight and gay people's eyes. Straight people will realize that hatred against gays is not some gay hysteria, and that this happenned in one of the world's most progressive and liberal cities then what do you think could happen in areas that are less tolerant.

Hopefully gay will realize that you have to be aware of your surroundings and not put yourself in a compromising position for carnal desires.

Just my thoughts

4:04 PM  

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