Friday, June 02, 2006

Rashawn's Memorial March: The Impact

(photo by Andres Duque)

The April 15th Rashawn Brazell Memorial March was a success in more ways than one. In addition to showing the NYPD our determination to find justice for Rashawn, we also showed the press and the public that we are not willing to allow the case to be denied the visibility afforded to the white heterosexual women whose unfortunate murders have dominated the press.

The Advocate, the award-winning national LGBT news source, covered the march in their April 25th issue. The article, features quotes from co-founder Mervyn Marcano and marks the RBMF's first spot in a national magazine.

To view a scanned image of "Staying True to Rashawn", click here.

The march was also covered on Fox 5 New York. After the story aired, a link to was added to the website's "Viewer Information" section. At long last, the scholarship established to honor Rashawn's legacy was added to the area that had formely housed similar programs for white, straight murder victims Immette St. Guillen and Nicole DuFresne.

To view the listing, visit the "
Viewer Information" page of the Fox 5 News website and click on Rashawn Brazell Fund.

The march was also attended and reviewed by several New York area bloggers, activists and photographers. Check out the following sites for original photography and more!
Ocean Morisette (41 photo slideshow), Donald Agarrat (24 image photoset), Andres Duque (139 pictures), whose noteworthy blog entry can be read here, and Taylor Siluwe (28 pictures).

The RBMF would like to thank The Advocate, Fox 5 News, Andres, Donald, Ocean and Taylor for the crucial work they have played and continue to play in keeping the story alive in the hearts and minds of the community at large.