Thursday, March 30, 2006

RBMF: Help Wanted

Though immeasurably edified by the work we do, we at the Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund are nonetheless aware of our limitations. As we endeavor to strengthen our initiatives and fundraise for our annual scholarship, we realize that we simply can not do it alone.

To this end, we are currently searching for 2 volunteers to serve in the following capacities:
-Organizational Liaison
-Programs Associate

If any of the following job descriptions are of interest to you, and you can commit 8-10 hours of your week to this important work, we encourage you to e-mail the co-founders at today.

The Organizational Liaison will be responsible for furthering our coalition building efforts and liaising regularly with our community partners. Fulfilling this position requires plenty of e-mail correspondance and may occasionally necessitate attendance at meetings (1-2 per month, max). For this reason, it would be ideal for him/her to reside in NYC or NJ.

He/she should possess strong oral, written and interpersonal skills. Familiarity with the NYC and national non-profit scene is a plus.

The Programs Associate will assist in coordinating the execution of our scholarship program and initiatives. This may include (but is not limited to) working with our community partners to solicit applications for the memorial scholarship and assisting in planning events (annual awards banquet, Brighter Days parties, external fundraisers, etc).

Excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills are necessary. Though not essential, it would be helpful to reside in the NYC area, have some experience in event planning or fundraising and/or be familiar with the NYC non-profit scene.


Blogger ReddMann said...

I was wondering what came of this project... glad I found the place to get updates.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Charles X said...

wow the famous larry lyons left me a comment! im glad to see we agree over on clays comment section. i think that may have just inspired a new post.

2:03 AM  

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