Thursday, March 24, 2005

N.Y. man's killer at large; vigil planned

A vigil is scheduled for Friday [March 25th] in Brooklyn to honor Rashawn Brazell's memory. The event will take place at the Nostrand Avenue subway stop, above the tunnel where some of the young man's remains were found.

Larry D. Lyons II, a blogger who has actively followed the case, told the PlanetOut Network he is going to the vigil because he wants to be part of "the symbolic act."

"In gathering at the site where Rashawn's body parts were found, we are saying, 'Our lives matter. Our bodies matter. Despite the inattention of the mainstream media, we will not allow ourselves to be invisible. Despite our marginalization, we have found strength within ourselves. We are a community of compassionate, loving individuals, and we will not stand to watch one more life fall by the wayside,'" Lyons said.

Tom Musbach, PlanetOut Network
published Thursday, March 24, 2005

Read the full story here.
Find more information on the vigil here.


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