Friday, March 07, 2008


10 Reasons Why Obama Tumbled on Tuesday
Context is important, folks. Check out this link for an explaination of why Super Tuesday provided the Clinton camp with an opportunity to gain momentum.

Obamagate '08: The Blackening of Barack
If you haven't heard, Obama supporters are agitated over the apparent darkening of Obama's image in a Clinton attack ad that some argue was key in securing her Texas victory. The precedent: Time Magazine's infamous OJ cover (1994). The problem: dirty politics of the racist variety. The probe: A report on the scandal from

It's Your Call Hillary
"The phone is ringing and the crisis is you." LA Times columnist Rosa Brooks stages a 3am call to the Democratic candidate hopeful to illustrate how bowing out gracefully might be in the party's best interest.

Barack Made Funky: Raising the CRO Bar
Inspired by Barack Obama's fresh take and non-traditional bi-partisan approach, Ray Nolan (alias: CRO) decided to initiate an independent political propaganda campaign in support of Senator Obama. And so was born a series of posters and videos that harness the power of the internet and technology bringing meaningful, thought-provoking imagery to the stale and stiff political scene. is the awe-inspiring result.


Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Hey, Larry,

I ended up here looking for information on Rashawn Brazell. I'm constantly infuriated and outraged by how little coverage the media offers to people of colour &mdash except, of course, to highlight any criminal acts we might commit. I only found out about Rashawn because someone linked to a post I wrote about the murder of Simmie Williams, Jr., of Florida.

If we don't keep our people and our causes, in the public eye, no one else will. That's how the society arounds us finds ways to silence and crush whatever it doesn't like, black, brown, queer, different.

I'm glad you're keeping Rashawn alive in your blog. I plan to blog Rashawn soon.

10:14 PM  

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